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Oud Belgium. Nouvel London.

Structure of Matter

Belgian pale ale, 5%

Spicy + orangey hops + sweet toasted malt

Fine bubbles enhance mouthfeel, making it smooth and quaffable at 5%. A beer that balances drinkability with complex notes is as fundamental as the way sub-atomic particles are arranged to form matter

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Belgian tripel, 7.5%

Pink peppercorn imparts spicy element + grassy hop aroma + bubblegum notes from the yeast

Tritium is a hydrogen-like substance, but much heavier due to two extra neutrons. A golden ale with pink peppercorn spiciness and 7.5% ABV gives the beer a tight nucleus, making it much heavier affair

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Saison, 5%

Basil & sherbet + lemon rind due to Cascade dryhopping + effervescent

A refreshing, aromatic and lively 5% beer. Named after the discoverer of the electric charge

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Mutual Attraction

Barrel-aged Saison

Barrels, Brettanomyces and Saison. Coulomb’s law describes the force of attraction between two charges. The mutual attraction between our virgin oak and ex-bourbon barrels, some wild yeast and our saison, Coulomb, was too great to keep them apart. Several months in the barrel has transformed this saison to boast vanilla and char, a hint of acidity and a beautiful bouquet of pineapple, lime zest and funk.

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