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Oud Belgium. Nouvel London.

Our Philosophy

Oud Belgium. Nouvel London.

Solvay Society is a Belgian-born, London-based brewery. Bridging the UK and the Continent, we create modern beers abstracted from classic Belgian styles. Our aspiration is to serve bon vivants, boozers and gastronauts, with truly inauthentic beers.

The Brewery

We create our diverse range of modern Belgian recipes on an idyllic farm in Ilford, on the Essex-London border. Our 10HL brewing system allows us the flexibility to innovate, for instance using a range of barrels to age the beer, whilst also producing top quality beers to reach our customers in the freshest possible state.

The Founder

The brewery takes its direction from our founder’s scientific background and upbringing in Brussels, focusing on invention and the art of taste. Roman was born in Brussels but has been a Londoner for over a decade. After completing his PhD in physics, he went on to scale up the brewery and, where possible, using science to guide the brewing process and the brand.

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